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Gone With the Wind - How Strong Winds Can Damage Your Roof

In Florida, we’re all too familiar with how hurricanes can wreak havoc on our homes, often to the roof. But did you know that high wind speeds, whether or not accompanied by strong rain or hail, can impact the integrity of your roof? 

High wind speeds have the potential to cause significant damage to roofs and their support systems – from shingles being partially or completely ripped off to a downed tree falling and puncturing a roof. 

Let’s take a look at the potential damage from high winds:

So, how do you know if high winds have damaged your roof? It’s important to call an experienced roofing contractor to thoroughly inspect your roof for:

Loose or Missing Shingles

  • Strong winds can blow underneath the edges of shingles, ripping them away from the roof’s surface, and if already loose, may rip them off entirely. If shingles are ripped, even minimally, your roof can be susceptible to water damage and leaks. 

Damaged Flashing

Flashing, usually made of steel, is used to seal joints and direct water away from certain areas of your roof. Flashing is found around chimneys, vents and skylights. When high winds come through, they can damage the flashing, allowing water into the roof structure.

Structural Damage

Extremely high wind speeds can even cause structural damage to the roof, such as ripping away the roof deck or damaging the overall support system, which can pose a safety risk for occupants.


Debris, such as tree branches, can strike a roof in high winds with a strong force, causing roof damage. It’s important to have debris removed from a roof as quickly as possible to lessen the severity of impact.

In order to minimize the damage high wind can cause to your roof there are some precautions you can take. Working with a trusted roofing contractor to ensure your roof has durable materials, proper installation and regular inspections is critical. It is also important to make sure your roof is clear of overhanging branches that could fall on your roof.  If strong winds come ripping through your area, reach out to 3MG Roofing for an inspection, assessment and consultation to learn about your best options for any repairs.


Based in Central Florida and founded in 2020, 3MG Solutions, LLC is one of the fastest-growing residential roofer and commercial roofing companies in the country. At 3MG, our goal is to build trusted long-term relationships with our community, customers, suppliers, and corporate partnerships. We believe this positions us as the best roofer and one of the dominant roofing companies in the country. Visit us at OR call (407) 492-5256.


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