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Tiptop Tips For Finding A Top Roofing Contractor

Protecting your home’s structural integrity starts with your roof. But, where do you start with knowing what’s going on up there? 

By hiring a qualified roofing contractor. A roofing contractor will inspect your roof for tears, holes, rot or any other damage that can be a threat to the integrity of your home. 

We all likely feel the same – house issue = a headache. Hiring an experienced and trusted roofing contractor will lessen any headaches and help with a smooth repair or replacement process. 

Here are some top tips for what to look for and ask when seeking out a roofing contractor:

1. Are they licensed and insured?

2. Does the company have manufacturer certifications?

3. Did the contractor provide an estimated lead time and project timeline?

4. Did the contractor do a thorough inspection of the roof, attic, and surrounding property with before photos?

5. Did the contractor provide a detailed scope of work?

6. Does the company have a good reputation with verified reviews online?

7. Are they willing to provide addresses of other completed projects in the area?

8. Did the contractor allow you to ask questions and voice any concerns during the estimating process?

Lastly, research. Research and compare contractors, ask family, friends, and neighbors about their experiences, read online reviews, and visit contractor's websites to read about their services and company


Based in Central Florida and founded in 2020, 3MG Solutions, LLC is one of the fastest-growing residential roofer and commercial roofing companies in the country. At 3MG, our goal is to build trusted long-term relationships with our community, customers, suppliers, and corporate partnerships. We believe this positions us as the best roofer and one of the dominant roofing companies in the country. Visit us at OR call (407) 492-5256.


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