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Oil-Canning – The Rippling Effects

While metal roofs are an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners for their multitude of benefits compared to other roofing materials, there is an issue that may give pause and concern – oil-canning. 

While oil-canning is certainly an unwelcome issue for metal roofs, there are ways to prevent and mitigate its effects.

What is Oil-Canning?

Oil-canning is the appearance of waves or ripples that can happen to metal roof panels, making their appearance distorted. 

How Does Oil-Canning Occur?

Pinpointing the exact cause of oil-canning is difficult as many concurring factors can contribute to the issue. The manufacturing process of the metal material, installation process, and environmental factors such as temperatures and the directness of light can all be reasons this altering of the materials can occur. Oil-canning is most commonly apparent on flat surfaces of panels. 

How can Oil-Canning be prevented?

Let’s start with quality. The thickness of the metal is a factor in oil-canning occurring. The thinner the material, the more likely the visual appearance of ripples there is. Choosing a high-quality, thick metal is a good starting point for mitigating oil-canning. 

3MG takes exceptional care to reduce the risks of oil-canning on our standing seam metal roofs. To help mitigate the chances of oil-canning occurring, 3MG’s standing seam metal roofing systems use striated panels, meaning a panel with linear grooves, giving increased durability to each panel. 

We also utilize concealed fasteners, making them less likely to rust as they are more protected from severe weather elements, and less likely to be damaged. Lastly, by using Kynar paint on the metal panels, the paint is unlikely to show wear and tear, and boasts a 35-year fade warranty. 

Installation Techniques

Careful handling of metal panels is extremely important to lessen the occurrence of oil-canning. Contractors and roofers need to be mindful of how the panels are being transported and carried. Any bending of the metal needs to be avoided at all times in the installation process. Attention to secure fastening and flatness is key to reduce any risk of oil-canning and the appearance of panel ripples.

While it’s hard to absolutely guarantee oil-canning won’t ever occur, it’s important to choose a high-quality material and hire experienced roofing contractors to mitigate any risks of oil-canning. Many contractors and homeowners would agree that with proper care taken, the benefits of a standing seam metal roofing system outweigh the possibility of oil-canning by providing a durable, protective and visually pleasing first line of defense against your home. 


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