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Know What’s Up? Top Roofing Trends in 2024

Hearing the news that you need a roof replacement doesn’t scream fun, but if you hire an experienced roofing contractor, the process is easier and—dare we say—fun. Maybe that’s a stretch, but look at your new roof as an opportunity to give your house an updated look and curb appeal, not to mention the protection your home needs.

The wide selection of materials and colors to choose from may seem overwhelming, so let’s take a look at some of the top roofing trends of 2024:

  1. Eco-friendly Materials - homeowners are opting for sustainable materials such as recycled shingles and metal and sustainable wood. Durability, long-term savings and energy efficiency are some of the benefits sustainable materials offer.

  2. Statement Colors: even roofs can add to your home’s curb appeal. Gone are the days of just brown and gray roofs. From robust reds to blue and even green hues, the options to make a statement with your roof are abundant. 

  3. Metal Roofs - metal roofs offer a modern and sleek look that come  in a variety of styles including metal tiles, corrugated panels and standing seam. 

  4. Shingle Roofs - architectural shingles add a luxury look to your home white staying at an affordable price point. Adding texture to roofs, the shingles add another dimension to a roof’s aesthetics. 

  5. Solar Roofs - in an effort to reduce environmental impact, reduce bills and improve energy efficiency, solar roofs are on the rise. Solar shingles are a popular choice as they sit flush with the other shingles, seamlessly blending your roof, so all you’ll see are the savings! 

  6. Accents - don’t forget about the gutters and trim. Black is in, and many homeowners are choosing black gutters and trim, over the standard white, to add a pop to their home. 

Whether your focus is on sustainability, curb appeal, or budget, you’re sure to find a roof that best suits you and your home. And now you know what’s up – with roofs in 2024.


Based in Central Florida and founded in 2020, 3MG Solutions, LLC is one of the fastest-growing residential roofer and commercial roofing companies in the country. At 3MG, our goal is to build trusted long-term relationships with our community, customers, suppliers, and corporate partnerships. We believe this positions us as the best roofer and one of the dominant roofing companies in the country. Visit us at / (407) 492-5256.


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