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DIY vs Professional Roofing Repairs - When to Ask for Help

We all like to think we can do it all – and sometimes we can – but when it comes to roof repairs, erring on the safe side is probably your safest bet. While DIY can cut upfront costs, they may be risky – both in a safety and cost-effective sense. Other than cost and safety, quality workmanship is also an important consideration to factor into your decision.

DIY Roof Repairs:


  • Affordability - DIY roof repairs may be better for your wallet, considering you won’t incur outside labor costs.

  • Flexibility - what you want, when you want it. DIY allows you to determine when you want to make the repairs and how the repairs are handled. You may even learn a thing or two in the process.


  • Safety - if you don’t have experience climbing on top of a roof, it can be dangerous, particularly if you don’t have the best equipment for the job.

  • Underlying issues - DIY repairs may address the superficial issue with a simple patch repair, but there may be underlying issues causing the damage such as water damage beneath the top roofing layer.

  • Warranties - your warranty may be void if you attempt repairs on your own. It’s best to check your warranty before you begin work on your own.

Professional Roof Repairs


  • Craftsmanship - professional roofers are likely to produce better quality craftsmanship than a DIY repair as they have the experience and skill set to address the roofing issues effectively.

  • Safety - professional roofers have gone through extensive safety training to ensure all work is done in a safe manner for both themselves and the homeowner.

  • Industry standards - ensuring your repairs are done to the highest industry standards often takes the knowledge and expertise of professionals. 


  • Affordability - hiring a professional will be more costly due to labor costs, particularly for extensive repairs.

  • Scheduling—You may encounter less flexibility with scheduling your repair, especially if a storm recently hit and many homeowners are looking to hire a professional.

Whether you attempt a DIY repair or hire a professional, there are few factors to consider – safety, cost, flexibility and craftsmanship to name a few. Reaching out to a professional roofing contractor is recommended, at least for an initial inspection to see if there are more underlying issues than what meets the eye.


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