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A Roofing Contractor Offers to Pay Your Insurance Deductible – Raise the Roof Red Flag

Freebies, gifts, and discounts from a roofing contractor may sound enticing, but they can often come at a cost, a legal one, that is. 

If a roofing contractor determines your roof is in need of a replacement and you qualify for a new roof through insurance, that is, of course, great news. However, if the contractor offers to pay your insurance deductible by any means, it’s time to be wary and cue the red flags.

Section 489.147(2)(b), Florida Statutes, states that a contractor may not offer a residential property owner a rebate, gift, gift card, cash, coupon, waiver of any insurance deductible, or any other thing of value in exchange for performing a roof inspection or filing an insurance claim.

Contractors paying for a homeowner’s deductible is considered insurance fraud and is illegal in the state of Florida, which can result in serious legal consequences. Policyholders are solely responsible for paying insurance deductibles and are contractually bound to fulfilling their financial obligations according to their policy. Fudging the numbers in any way to work around this law is considered falsifying an invoice or, simply put, stealing. 

Therefore, It’s essential for homeowners to work with reputable contractors who follow legal and ethical practices to avoid participating in insurance fraud, even if unknowingly to you.

Here are some pointers to ensure you, as a homeowner, conduct your due diligence with contractors:

  • 1. If it sounds too good to be true, start digging. 

  • 2. Verify licenses, credentials, and the contractor’s insurance coverage.

  • 3. Ask for local homeowner references.

  • 4. Check for complaints or legal actions against the contractor.

  • 5. Review your insurance policy and call them directly with any issues that are unclear.

  • 6. The details are in the contract. Thoroughly read the contract for the scope of work, timeline, costs, and payment schedules. Before signing, seek clarification for any uncertainties.

By being diligent in your research and communication, you can significantly reduce the risk of encountering unethical practices during your dealings with roofing contractors.

So while “my roof, my rules” holds true, you’re better off living by “my roof, the law’s rules” when it comes to working with roofing contractors.


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